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It was 1985 and I was 13 years old.  This singing group of 5 came to the Philippines to perform some shows.  They instantly won the hearts of thousands of fans, and I was one of them.  

I became a fan of Menudo on 11 April, 1985.  I continued to follow Menudo on television and in print, by purchasing magazines and such.  I continued to do so even after Menudo had already left Manila.  

They returned to Manila that October.  It was then that I finally got the chance to see them perform in person, and I got to see them perform TWICE!!! The first was with my Mom and brother on 4 October and the second was with relatives on 11 October.  They were both fun and quite the experience!!!

Some of the Menudo albums/tapes that I own...
(for the Spanish albums, it helped so much that there were a lot of song hits out that offered English translations to the Spanish lyrics =))

This is one of the few Menudo momentos that I have =)
Photo CTO
Since his Menudo days, Robby has gone solo.  He has done several albums and even did a movie, Salsa, a great movie!!  There are a few things he has done, which I still don't understand - like the "funeral" he had to "bury" Robby Rosa.  He now goes by the name Robi Draco Rosa.  Recently, I found out that Robby (he will always be Robby to me =)), has been diagnosed with cancer, a non-hodgkin lymphoma near his liver.  I was shocked after I heard the news.  I immediately went to his Facebook page to get news.  Looking through some sites, the last few days, I saw a photo of him.  He seemed to be alright!  I just hope that he knows that I'm pulling for him to get better.  He will always be very special to me… he will always be one of the major reasons that I love music, singing and why singing became a major passion in my life.  
I thought that coming to the US would somehow get me closer to Menudo, so to speak.  It was wild, I knowingly even took 2 courses of Spanish in high school, just so I could understand (without using the translation song hits I have) what they say when I see them on television.  I did sometimes get a glimpse of them in Spanish stations here, but I wouldn't watch for long, out of frustration, because I couldn't understand the language.
The "burial" of the Robby Rosa persona
The video was provided by ​ Draco Rosa himself
Special Thanks to  afrmonline2 menudodelux marcelomioto1976 , ForeverMenudo  for uploading these special videos - taken from YouTube … my Thanks again to YouTube for the following clips.

I was in the audience when they perfomed this song =)

While in Manila, they did a local commercial for Pepsi

Menudo introduced Ralphy Rodriguez as the newest member of the group in Manila.  Usually, when an old member leaves (in this case, it would be Charlie Rivera that was leaving) and new one is introduced, this is done in Puerto Rico, but this time they did the introduction in Manila.  Ralphy sang a nice and well written Filipino song, "I'm Going Back to the Philippines."
Here was the video when Robert Edward Suarez Rosa, later to be popularly known as Robby Rosa, first performed with Menudo.  He did a duet with the then current Menudo member that he replaced, Johnny Lozada. 

When I first found out that this is how a new Menudo is introduced and a current outgoing Menudo "says goodbye," I was a bit saddened for the guy leaving.  It's a bit bittersweet.
Below are 3 of my favorite ballads that Robby has performed (these were done not in Manila, but in different countries ... but he perform these songs at the concert in Manila)

Because Of Love

Please Be Good To Me
If You're Not Here (By My Side)

Another favorite Ballad of Menudo that Robby did