Every little girl dreams of the day that she gets married to the man of her dreams.  While I waited for that day, I got to participate in weddings of some of my family and relatives.  I not only got to dress up but have fun also!!!
Sagala in Sampaloc
As a flowergirl
Ninang Tessie and Ninong Ronnie's wedding
As a Bridesmaid
Kuya Allan and Ate Lou's wedding, 1991
Kuya Erwin and Ate Thess' wedding, 1994
James and Cindy's wedding, 2000
AJ and Joy's wedding, 2005
As a Secondary Sponsor
Cord Sponsor @ Ray and Cindy's wedding, 2004
Cord Sponsor @ Mervin and Shane's wedding, 2005
As a Reader and Wedding Singer
@ Armand and Mari's wedding, 2003
Photos with the bride and/or groom
with Ate Lou, 1991
with Ate Thess, 1994
with James, 2000
with Armand (and Michael), 2003
with Ray and Cindy (and AJ), 2004
with Mervin and Shane (and Jun), 2005
with Joy, 2005
After being a bridesmaid for a few weddings, it was finally my turn to be the bride!!!

Jun and I @ our Civil Wedding Day, 2006
Jun and I @ our Church Wedding Day, 2007
Jun and I also already had the chance to stand up as Ninong and Ninang ... to our first Inaanaks - Carla and Ralan!!!
KalyeSerye Wedding - AlDub's Wedding
The 4 videos above were created by the brilliant Wedding Videographer, Jason Magbanua
The Wedding of Benjie and Sinag Rosales in Destined To Be Yours
Marimar Wedding
Ako Si Kim Samsoon Wedding