LA Weekend with friends and 
walking for a good cause --

... and also got a chance to spend time with Jay :)​

Backing up though :), the weekend went very well.  I had a little stumbling block, if you will, to deal with during the weekend.  Coming in to LA, I had already had my allergies, which unfortunately had turned into a cold - BUT I wasn't about to let that stop me from having fun during the whole weekend!!!  (I was determined though that I wasn't about to give what I have to anyone else while I was there!)

I made it to LA at around 3:38pm.  I got a shuttle van from the airport to the hotel.  The driver we had was so cool!!!  He not only was our driver, but because most of us were going to different parts of LA, we also had a very unique tour guide!!!  He was showing us the different sights - Marina del Ray, Venice Beach (it was so tempting to go down here :)), and others.  We finally made it to Comfort Inn at 5:26pm.  As I was walking to the hotel, I noticed a little strip mall across the street.  I went and got checked in ... and dropped my bags in the room.  With the exception of one hot pocket, I haven't had the chance to eat, so one of the first things I did was go across the street where there was a Chinese restaurant there.  I ordered some take out and went back to the room.  I started to unpack some things while I ate.  Took JayBear out of the suitcase and geared him up with his Jay's Angels hat :).  Got Rachel's gifts ready and took photos of JayBear with some things - hopefully we'll have this up!  I spent the rest of the evening relaxing and catching up on the news and other shows.  I was hoping to catch Days but it already aired.  Linda and Rachel came in at around 11:30.  We spent the rest of the evening hanging out, talking and catching up.  We talked a little website that we'll have here soon.  I gave Rachel a disk of photos that I had put together for the site.  I gave them their Jay magnets.  We also got the new JayBear wear ... his Solid Jones tanktop!!!  Great Job on it Linda!!!  After a while, we had talked about tomorrow's event, Linda had left to go home and Rachel and I rested up.

Saturday, Linda came in and we hung out for a little bit before we left for the day's activities.  We talked about how everyone had joined together and gathered a lot of donations for the Leukemia/Lymphoma Society.  GREAT JOB JAY'S ANGELS!!!  Linda gathered the envelopes and placed it in the bigger envelope to turn in.  We left the hotel, and headed for the Century City Mall.  We celebrated Rachel's birthday at Houston's.  We had our meal and talked.  Afterward, we made our way to the site of the walk.  It was a little cold when we got there ... Rachel did the very smart thing and brought her jacket with her.  It was also drizzling when we got there.  Throughout the afternoon, the weather would go drizzling one minute, then a little heavier the next.  But thank goodness during the actual walk, the rain had stopped.  Linda had gone to the registration table to turn in the envelope.  Rachel and I were talking and looking around the place.  We had seen Nadia who was already there, talkingto some people.  She was getting interviewed, talking to reporters, having photos taken.  After a few minutes, Rachel turned to me and said, "there's Jay."  He headed for this room where they were having a party for all the cast that were there.  I turned around and saw him arriving.  Linda came back with our coupons, we met up with Lynnette ... we went and got our shirts and balloons.  We went to the other side of the mall to talk and mingle.  We got to talk to Nadia.  The poor girl ... she wasn't feeling well but she braved it out!  I gave Nadia her gift on behalf of the site.  I mentioned how it was a "Jay's Angels" shirt, she kidded and said that she would wear it!  Linda took Rachel and my photo with Nadia.  As Ambassador of Light The Night, Nadia was pretty busy that night talking.  We also got to meet up with Tracy :).  Linda also introduced us to Steve Blackwood and his family ... they talked for a little bit.  After a while, Jay came out and spent a few minutes talking to everyone.  He, I think had spotted us there, but we didn't talk to him too much then.  He was speaking a little bit to Linda.  As Rachel and I were talking, out came Jason Cook, walking just behind her.  I remember telling Rachel to turn around, she did and saw Jason there.  He was a little confused as to what to do.  He looked so tired.  He was around in the back, talking to Jay.  The cast then all went on stage to talk to everyone.  Afterward, the actual walk started.  I noticed Nadia taking Jay's hand (almost dragging, but not really) leading him to the walk.  Before they got down to start the walk, they were stopped for photos.  The three of us walked alongside Nadia's mom, Patrika Darbo, Jason, Valerie Wildman (Faye).  I could see ahead of us, Kyle and Ari.  The walk was a lot of fun ... we walked by the Century City Mall and Rachel and I kidding about having been here before :).  When we got back to the starting point of the walk ... we continued talking and walking down the steps.  We stopped when we saw Jay and Nadia talking to some people and taking photos for some.  Jay saw us, said "Hi!" and gave each of us a hug.  We talked with him for a little bit.  He talked to us about him getting to post on the board.  He at one time put his hands on Linda's shoulders, and with a serious look on his face, told her, "I will go in and post."  Linda had told him to stand still, and placed her finger on his nose, teasing him on, whether his nose was getting longer or not.  He kept saying, "I will come in and post.."  almost over and over ... it was so cute :).  I had asked him if he had his user name and his password, and he mentioned that he did get it from Debby and how he had given it to Alison (later found out that he meant Alison Sweeney.)  I gave him his gift on behalf of the site -  I told him that it was a "Jay's Angels" shirt and he had mentioned how he saw it earlier that afternoon, from Nadia.  Got another hug from him :).  He kiddingly said, that he would wear it, but he wasn't sure how it would look.  I just smiled after he said that.  He seemed to be giddy after that evening ... I must say, I like seeing him in this type of atmosphere .. in a great mood, relaxed and just having fun!!!  After we talked, Jay had left for the evening.  I remember seeing him and Ron heading for the escalators, and disappeared.  Ron came back after Jay left.  We hung around for a bit after he left ... we talked and watched the show they had afterward.  Nadia had performed a song - that girl - her voice is just heavenly!!!  If memory serves, Kyle, Steve (Bart), I think Peter Reckell (Bo), and I know Peter's wife, Kelly performed ... and even Patrika did a number :).  I bought Peter and Kelly's CDs.  We saw Nadia, her mom and her brother leave.  We left Century City at around 10:55.  Before returning to the hotel, we went to a local drug store to get some things.  I got some cough drops that I had barely touched, except for 1.  (I know, I'm really stubborn when it comes to this ... that's partly the reason I still have the cough now.)  We got back to the hotel, spent the rest of the evening talking - I love these times we talk, we most of the time end up talking about one guy :).

Sunday, Rachel and I checked out of the hotel and got on the shuttle on the way to the airport.  Said goodbye to Rachel, as she is dropped off by her airline drop off.  I got dropped off at my drop off.  When I got to the check in counter, found out that the flight is delayed.  We didn't loose too much time though, the pilot did a great job making up for the time delayed up in the air.  When I got home, I ran to Walmart right away, to get the film developed.  Hopefully, we'll have them here soon!!!

It was a great weekend!!!  Another great time with my co-webbies :) and yet another memorable time spent with Jay!