Greenville, SC
September 2003

Got to Greenville at around 11:46am.  As soon as I got outside of the airport, I called the hotel.  The shuttle that was to pick me up didn't get in until after 12 noon.  Got to the hotel a little before 1pm.  During the ride, we saw the Wolf Camera that was close to the hotel.  I spoke to the driver if it was possible for me to be driven there.  He said it should be okay, to just come down at the time we set up.  I got settled in and unpacked what I needed.  Not having eaten anything since I left home, I ordered room service, got to watch Days and rested.  At around 2:30, I had gone to Wolf Camera to get some films and key chains.  

Friday -- Pre-Game Party
Linda came in at around 10 minutes to 8pm.  We talked as she got settled in.  I gave her back her photos that I had scanned.  Afterwards, we decided to go downstairs to check out the party going on downstairs.  When we got down, we saw a lot of people gathered by a table that was set up there.  As we got closer to the table, we saw that Kyle was already here.  He was signing autographs and taking photos with everyone that was there.  We went to get the program that was being sold and got in line.  There was also a table set up to pick up the event tickets.  I went in line and picked up my tickets.  I turned to Linda and told her how I was not ready to see Kyle (yet) that night, so to speak ... didn't have my camera with me, or the things I wanted him to sign. I was a little mad at myself about that.  Right before I got up to Kyle, he was talking to the girls that were in front of us.  While he was chatting with them, he looked up real quick and had seen us; he waved at me and said, "Hey Mae!"  I waved back and said, "Hi Kyle!"  Him remembering my name caught me a little off guard, but in a good way :). I got up to him.  We asked each other how we were doing.  I asked him when he got in, and he had told me that he got in this afternoon.  He said since he didn't have to work, he just went ahead and flew in.  He mentioned how Eric, Farah and some of the others won't be in until tomorrow morning because they had to work today.  He asked me the same thing and I told him, I got in at around noon.  He asked me how long the flight was.  I said about 3 hours.  He said, "You're from Chicago right?"  I said, "Yeah."  He had asked me if I had attended this event/weekend before.  I told him, that this was my first time in Greenville.  He said that this was his as well, and he's really looking forward to it.  We talked about Alexis and what had happened.  He said how when the news of James' and Matthew's departure, he didn't really react much to it (because he didn't work with them very much), but when he heard that Alexis was let go, he was really upset about it.  Linda had asked him if he knew when her last day was going to be.  He said that at this point, no one knows.  He went and visited Alexis at home after he heard the news.  I handed my program to him and he signed it for me.  As I was getting ready to go, we said goodbye and that we would see each other tomorrow.

Saturday -- Cast Party
The Q & A session went pretty well.  Linda and I were a bit surprised that this crowd didn't ask much about the departures that are currently happening.  With one exceptionof someone wishing Matthew well, the crowd really avoided that topic altogether.  A fan had presented Kyle a trophy for being in her words, "for being a good person and being better looking than the previous Philip."  I just sat there when I heard that one, smiled and shook my head a little.  ** my Jay loyalty showed here for a second. :) **

The bidding for the chairs was a lot of fun to watch.  Eric had started the bidding off.  He had come closer to the crowd.  The crowd was bargaining with Eric, telling him they would raise the bids on his chair if he would let them take off his shirt.  He agreed.  Farah had mentioned how she is really competitive and if her chair gets a final bid lower than Eric's, she'll be so sad.  When Ali was auctioning off her chair, she also mentioned that she was a competitive person and wanted to outbid the final amount that Bryan's chair got.  She auctioned the chair off to a gentleman who paid over $1000.  There was a lady and the gentleman (who won the chair) who were going back and forth outbidding each other for the chair.  Ali had mentioned how she wished there were two chairs she could have both of them have.  While her auction was going on, Bryan was trying to hear where the bidding was.  He joined in the bidding by putting a bid in for $900.  The fans, in unison, told him, "The bid is already over $1000."  He was surprised at how high the bid was already.  John Aniston had an auctioneer voice when he was auctioning off his seat.  

They did a role play type thing using a script by a fan who won a fanfic contest.  They had the writer of the fanfic join them onstage.  One moment that stood out to me, was a scene that Alison and Bryan were doing, they were to kiss.  Bryan stepped back and Kyle moved in and gave her a kiss.

Saturday -- Autograph Session
We got to the room for the autograph session.  When we were let in, we were all told to go in a line, but they didn't tell us ahead whose line we were going into.